Easily Solo the Stills with Sunbreaker Titan
Feb 23rd 2017 by L0r3

The two main keys to success are speed, primarally provided by the fleetfire perk which gives you a speed boost (stacks up to x3), and stopping at each lamp long enough to get the weight of darkness to 0

Sunbreaker setup:
Max agility, max armor, magnetic grens, fleetfire perk

Fusion Grenade (causes thrall to flinch/stop running when tossed at their feet)
Increased Height (pre-set for bridge section)
Scorched Earth (sunspots from hammers)
echo Thermal Vent (creates sunspot from melee)
Codex III
Fleetfire (speed boost from ability kills, stacks x3)
Codex VI
Simmering Flames (gren and melee recharge fast)

Mida (Give two speed perks)
WotM Shotgun (or other with Battlerunner perk for speed boosts)
Mid or High impact Sniper
Legendary sword (or legendary machine gun)
Dunemarchers (more speed!)
Jolders artifact (no sprint cooldown)