Complete the Deathsinger Challenge Under 2 Minutes
Apr 1st 2017 by L0r3

2 Nightstalkers (Blackhole)
1 Defender (Blessing/Bastion, St-14)
6x Raze-Lighters

6 guardians focus on 2 knights at start
6 guardians clear all adds on bottom floor

2 groups of 3, spilt right and left and each group:
Tether group at top of stairs, 2 kill them while 1 kills tower knight
3 kill the 3 Acolites that come out of door just inside at stairs top
3 kill the wizard (raze-lighter)

1 from each side goes up in tower to kill 3 knights
1 from each side stays near door Acolites came out of, wait and 4 kill thralls, then go to lower tower and kill Ogre

Titan on left kills shrieker (2-3 shotgun blasts point blank, block death blast with sword)
If Shriekers are not dead by 1:05, then consider restarting
Same Titan puts Bubble by Crystal near doors, kills 2 Knights

5 rush to center to kill middle Ogre and adds
1 Titan waits and kills swordbearer, then picks up sword and kills Ir Ute
Dont crowd swordbearer door or he wont come out. All others stay away from swordbearer doors and stairs so that Titan will be free to skate up to Ir Ute. Stop "inside" Ir Ute and one chop will kill her