##### DIABLO 2 LEVEL/XP RUSHING by L0r3 #####

Need Waypoints:
 - Act 1: Catacombs Level 2
 - Act 2: Far Oasis, Lost City, Arcane Santuary, Canyon of the Magi, (Halls of the Dead Level 2 if dont have Horadric Cube)
 - Act 3: Travanical, Durance of Hate Level 2
 - Act 4: River of Flame
 - Act 5: Ancients Way, Worldstone Level 2

Act 1:
 - Catacombs Level 2, Kill Anadariel

Act 2:
 - Far Oasis, Maggot Lair level 3, kill Coldworm the Burrower, open chest for Horadric Staff
 - Lost City, Claw Viper Temple level 2, open chest for Horadric Amulet
 - Transmute Staff and Horadric Amulet in to Staff
 - Talk to Drognan
 - Arcane Sanctuary waypoint, this will allow you to enter the building that Jehryn is in
 - Kill Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary, click book, go though red portal to Canyon of the Magi
 - Go to correct Tomb, find Orfice insert Staff, kill Duriel, run on to Tyreal

Act 3:
 - Travanical, kill Council
 - Durance Hate Level 2, find level 3, kill Mephisto

Act 4:
 - River of Flame, run to Chaos Sanctuary, kill seal Bosses, kill Diablo
 - Before Diablo appears, TP the leechers right above the middle circle.

Act 5:
 - Ancients Way, run to Arreat Summit, kill Ancients
 - Worldstone Level 2, run to the Throne of Destruction, kill Baal waves
 - Though red portal, kill Baal