Creating Reaction Roles with Carl-Bot

Creating Reaction Roles with Carl-Bot

Reaction roles are a method of allowing user to add or remove specific roles on their own. They can just click an emoji to add or remove roles. You must be an Administrator in the Discord to add reaction roles.

Carl-Bots reaction role process is interactive and Carl will walk you though the process.

1) Make sure you know the roles(and exact spelling) you want to allow user to add/remove, and what specific emoji will represent each role.

2) Start by telling Carl-Bot to begin the reaction role creation process by typing:
!rr make
Carl-Bot Start

3) Enter the name of the channel where you want users to see the reaction role. For this example we will use:
Carl-Bot Channel

4) Enter the title of the reaction role section. Using all capitols will make it more readable for users:
ADD OR REMOVE ROLES(S) | Click an emoji to add or remove a role:
Carl-Bot Title

5) Choose a highlight color for the reaction post, or type "none". Colors are chosen by hex code. Hex codes can be found here

6) Choose the roles, and emojis for each role. In this example users are able to add or remove the XB1 or PS4 roles:
:ps4: @PS4
:xb1: @XB1
Carl-Bot Roles

7) When you are finished adding roles, type "done":

Thats it! Enjoy your new reaction roles.