Discord Rule Template

Discord Rule Template

The following rules have been carefully considered and developed from the feedback of 100s of server admins and mods, as well as taking bits from various terms of service such as Bungies and Steams. They are here to ensure this is a "safe place" everyone can enjoy together.
Version 3.5.6

Violating any of the below rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

1) Disrespecting people in any way is strictly prohibited including hate speech based on but not limited to race, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, nationality or political view. This is never allowed even in jest.

2) No threats to harm others, even in jest.

3) Respect others identities and pronouns. If you are asked to call someone by a specific pronoun make best effort to do so.

4) No NSFW content. No depictions, references, or descriptions of gory violence or explicit/implicit sexual content.

5) No actions that violate E.U., U.K., U.S. Federal or U.S. State laws including but not limited to plotting crimes, or describing illegal activities.

6) No actions that violate the Terms of Service of Discord, Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation, or other platforms.

7) No distributing unauthorized copyrighted or trademarked material. Examples include piracy or gamesharing.

8) No one under 13 years old.

9) In the channels: Keep the topics of conversations to the correct channel. No spamming. No links to, or promotion of other discord servers and/or other communities/clans.

10) Obey staff. If a staff member requests you to follow a rule, do so without arguing. If you feel a rule has been applied to you unjustly or a rule need to be changed, please direct message the Discord ledership. Respectful and logically sound feedback is encouraged!